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Sam Ahmed
Sam is a junior in the College of Fine Arts, studying Communication Design. He's from Cupertino, California and is actively involved in Scotch 'n' Soda Theatre.
Kevin Burg
Kevin is a junior in the School of Computer Science from Williamsport, PA. He's been a TA for a CS class and has played several intramural sports.
Quintin Carlson
Quintin, from Jacksonville, Florida, is a senior in the Psychology program. Part Swedish, he's an Apple advocate and productivity nut with 17 blogs.
Ali Celentano
Ali is a junior in Tepper School of Business, pre-med, and is minoring in Health Care Policy. She is from Mission Viejo, California and is a member of the Varsity Volleyball team.
Hayden Demerson
Hayden is a junior in the School of Computer Science. He's from Duncan, Oklahoma and is actively involved in faith based initiatives. He first learned about CMU through The Last Lecture.
Ian Glasner
Ian is a junior studying Electrical & Computer Engineering. He's from Los Altos, California and is an active participant in intramural sports and Greek Life.
Dillon Grove
Dillon is a senior studying Information Systems. He's from Powell, Ohio and is deeply involved in research in the Human Computer Interaction Institute.
Grace Pan
Grace is from Amherst, NY. She's a junior in the Tepper School of Business, pursuing an additional major in Decision Science. She is involved in several humanitarian organizations on campus.
Kevin Schaefer
Kevin was born and raised in Pittsburgh. He's studying Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction. He is obsessed with design and user experience.
Alex Stern
Alex a Junior studying Information Systems from Marietta, Ohio. He is the Co-President for CMU UNICEF and is involved in Greek life on campus.

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